In the Open Air and on the Road


Dear readers of the journal Theology and Philosophy of Education,

The second issue of the first volume of our journal has been published and this means, being a biannual journal, we have completed the first year of our existence.

This journal was created as a common space for theology, philosophy and education to meet each other. It was created as a medium for people who perceive, experience, and keep education close to their hearts, as something that belongs to their lives. I want to thank all those who contribute to the existence of this journal - you who read these lines, whether you are only incidental readers or careful readers of the words of our authors, whether you are the authors themselves or our reviewers who help our authors to make the articles of the highest quality.
Shared environments are vital to us as human beings. I wish you to stay open and find the essential where there is an open sky and people on the road because we all share the basic necessity together, even if some of us still long for a true home. Thank you to all of you who are not afraid to open your eyes, minds, hearts, and doors, to go beyond the threshold and invite others to even a small dialogue, even as our articles are only short.

Zuzana Svobodov√°
On the Feast of St Valerian, 2022